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My Requirements

The right tax professional will be different for different people. Luckily, many international teachers share similar tax situations. In seeking the best route to complete my taxes, I started with a list for four criteria:

  1. Someone who comes highly recommended
  2. Specializes in expat taxes
  3. Affordable price
  4. Pleasant to communicate with

Highly Recommended

There is no point more valuable to me than the recommendations via word of mouth from fellow international teachers.

So, I started with a colleague that I work with at my current teaching post here in Hong Kong:

The first recommendation goes to TIE Tax.


Then, I went to these Facebook groups, and asked for their recommendations too:

Again, the majority of recommendation went to TIE Tax.


Specializing in Expat Taxes

For anyone who has lived abroad long enough to file taxes as an expatriate, you know that the process is more complex than when filing from the U.S. If that wasn’t enough, there are less up-to-date resources to compare and evaluate the articles you read.

For these reasons, my second requirement in working with a tax professional was finding someone who specializes in expat taxes.

Affordable Tax Service

Just like anyone else, I wanted to get the best service for my money. To help me see the recommendations and costs next to each service provider, I made this list.

A comparison of expat tax services and software

Pleasant To Communicate With

After emailing the tax professionals listed in the sheet above, these organizations reached back in a helpful way very quickly.

  • Stephen from TIE Tax
  • Anna Lina from Global Tax
  • Tessa and Smita from Greenback Tax Services

IΒ highly appreciate the conversation started with all of these professionals.

The Winning Result

I'm choosing to file my taxes this year with Stephen from TIE Tax because of his quick and friendly emails, his specialization in expat taxes, his affordable rate, and the high amount of recommendations from fellow international teachers.

If you want a tax professional to help make sure your taxes are done right this year, complete the form below and Stephen will get back to you shortly!

I hope this information helps you file your taxes faster and easier this year, so you can focus on spending time the way you like : )

Elliott Zelinskas
πŸ‘¨πŸΌβ€πŸ« Teaching at an American school
πŸ“ Hong Kong

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